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Sharp Chinchillas is out of business. Please feel free to browse our herd members. We have brought into this world or have cared for over 200 chinchillas all adopted out as family pets. We thank those how shared in our joy and know that it was an honor for us to raise part of your family.

This site is all about the wonderful world of the chinchillas. While we are a breeder of Chinchillas, we are not your average breeder. We consider every member of the herd, a member of our family. So when you adopt a chinchilla from our herd, know that you will have gained a loyal loving chinchilla who was raised to be your best friend.

Sharp Chinchillas herd members' amenities and activities include:
Sharp Chinchillas as loving loyal pets!!
Our goal on this world is to show as many as we can how much happiness a pet chinchilla can bring to your life. We started our herd with 2 chins (lil Man and Mommy). They had their first litter back in August 2005. The 2 kits, Cage and Tuesday, where so cute and very inquisitive of their new world that we realized that feeling was one that you cannot easily recreate. From there, we where hooked. As we did our research, we found more and more interesting information about our chins and the breed. We have tried to include as much of our knowledge as possible in this site to help you raise your own chinchilla.
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  • Totals
    0 Active Herd members
    214 Adopted Herd members
  • Origin of the Herd
    37 were Adopted to us
    141 were born into the herd
    36 were rescued into the herd
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    Our primary desire is to place a loving chinchilla in your family. However chinchillas are not for everyone, but EVERYONE needs a pet in their lives. Please click on the links below and visit our sponsers to help strengthen the pets community. Feel free to come back to our herd anytime.

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